A Christmas gift idea: “True Team” by Larry Hansgen


Need a Christmas gift idea? Well, you could buy a loved one a $10.95 subscription to Miami’s website so they can watch the UD game on Wednesday. Or you could buy them a Xavier sweatshirt, burn it and give them the ashes in a box.

A better option is the “True Team” book by WHIO’s Larry Hansgen and featuring my photos from the 2013-14 season. It’s available here on Amazon.  It’s also for sale at UD Arena, Flyer Spirit, the UD Bookstore and Korporate Kasuals on Brown Street.

If we sell enough, I’ll write a book when UD makes the Final Four this year.

The Dayton Flyers captivated a nation and re-energized a region with their run to the Elite Eight of the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament. While millions watched on TV and thousands flocked to game sites in Buffalo and Memphis, the story of the tradition of Flyer basketball emerged, as well as the unique story of this special team. Dayton’s tournament run was unexpected, and the result of a well-laid plan and diligent execution. Seen through the eyes of the long-time radio play-by-play voice of the Flyers, Larry Hansgen, True Team tells the story of a group of young men and their coaches who survived adversity, overcame obstacles, and wrote their legacy upon the history of the Miami Valley region. Larry takes you through the early successes in Maui, the disastrous January, and the start of an amazing run that culminated in the NCAA tournament. Readers will learn what makes this Dayton team unique and how the success it achieved may have had more to do with what it did not do, rather than what it did.

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