Archie Miller: ‘I don’t think about any other jobs’


Archie Miller and Kendall Pollard at Saint Louis. David Jablonski/Staff


USA Today asked Dayton coach Archie Miller about his future in a long interview published today.

Miller faced similar questions a year ago and will continue to get them as long as he keeps winning. This is what you would expect him to say. It’s close to what every coach says every time they’re asked about their future. It’s the right thing to say with your team in the middle of February craziness that’s about to turn into March Madness.

But I’m sure it’s reassuring to Flyer fans.

“We have an amazing fan base,” Miller told USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach. “It’s crazy. There’s a lot of people right now who don’t have any of that. I don’t think about any other jobs. I never have. We have a good class coming in. I think we can win big here. We’re trying to win big, and they want us to win big. They really care about us, from our president to Tim (Wabler), our AD. They really take good care of us, they care about us doing well. To me, it’s a great place to coach. I’m not real comfortable with all the outside stuff. I never have been. It’s always the question or thing you have to deal with all the time when you’re recruiting, or in and around town. ‘Hey, please don’t go anywhere.’ It’s kind of like, I’ve never thought about going anywhere.”

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