Devin Oliver: ‘Good luck to the guys’

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Devin Oliver and Vee Sanford after beating OSU. David Jablonski/Staff

Devin Oliver, the heart and soul of the 2013-14 Flyers, is playing with Limburg United in Belgium in his first season of pro basketball after graduating from Dayton last spring.

Oliver hasn’t forgotten his old team and sent it a heartfelt message through Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday:

“These are the moments that NO ONE in the world can take away from you. The moments that no matter how much more you progress in your career, you’ll never forget, even the slightest detail. For me, I bought in completely to a program, a community and a fan base, even after my fellow freshman departed. Even after a coaching change. I believe in The University of Dayton in every way, especially the basketball program. It put me in position to be where I am today. It still amazes me that people second guess us. Last years team left a legacy and started a trend. Now we are EXPECTED to be in the NCAA Tournament every year, and compete for championships. This years team is doing just that, even with the countless obstacles. Yeah, I know I have to move on someday, and I will, but when you completely give yourself to a place as special as UD, you will ALWAYS have that special place for it! If you know me, you know what it means to me. Good luck to the guys as they head into the Atlantic 10 Tournament this weekend! Keep proving people wrong! #LookAtAllThoseFans #WeShockedTheWorld #NoOnePickedUs #DMOandVee #SeniorLeaders #IGotALittleSentimental #ItsBecauseImLightSkinned #SoItsOkay #BlameDrake #MyMusclesLookGood #IHaveMovedOn #NowICollectChecks #PaidToPlay #OkayIWentALittleOverBoard #GOFLYERS

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