Twitter reacts to Bona Beergate

At least three times now this season, Dayton fans have left the court dodging fans and objects.

An overzealous George Washington fan got in UD’s face after a loss in DC. Sometime similar happened in Saint Louis. Last night, a fan tossed a bottle of beer at the Flyers after they beat St. Bonaventure. Fortunately, it didn’t hit anyone. Unfortunately, good beer hit the floor.

Even Dayton trainer Mike Mulcahey, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, was livid as he asked security to investigate. I asked him later what kind of beer it was. He said, “Strong.”

After I tweeted this, “Flyers survive their Bonaventure Adventure, winning 75-71. Bona fans threw beer on Flyers as they walked to locker room,” the Twitterverse responded.

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