Twitter reacts to Flyers in First Four news


Dayton players react to NCAA announcement. David Jablonski/Staff

You could have heard a chicken wing drop at Burke’s Restaurant and Bar in Yonkers — and a few had minutes earlier as the Flyers polished off dinner — when the team saw “Boise State/Dayton” pop up on the TV screen above the fireplace.

It took a few moments for the players to process that Boise State wasn’t only playing in Dayton, it was playing Dayton. One player said something I can’t print.

Archie Miller said something encouraging right away from the other side of the room, immediately going into coach mode even if he was shocked, too. He was smiling pretty big moments earlier when N.C. State’s name flashed on the screen and the players laughed as the wondered if Dayton’s would follow.

WHIO’s Larry Hansgen was listening to the broadcast over headphones, and he was two seconds ahead of the feed on the television. He was going to give me a heads-up when he heard Dayton so I could snap photos of the players’ reactions. I’m not sure even Larry processed what had happened.

The rest of the world had the same issue with the Flyers getting a No. 11 seed.

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