53 Reasons: Hope

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Kyle Davis at A-10 tourney. David Jablonski/Staff


The 2015-16 college basketball season is just around the corner. In honor of the Flyers winning 53 games the last two seasons (and because I couldn’t come up with 2,015 reasons), I’m counting down 53 reasons (in no particular order) to look forward to the season.

Follow the blog between now and the season opener against Southeast Missouri State on Nov. 13. I will have four to five updates per week.

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NOTE TO READERS: I want to salute the fans at some point in this series. Here’s my idea: Email me a photo of your favorite piece of UD memorabilia (david.jablonski@coxinc.com). It could be a ticket stub, a T-shirt, a poster, a newspaper page, a photo of you at a game, etc. And write a paragraph or two or more about the story behind it: where you got it, what it means to you, why it’s special, etc. Also tell me how long you’ve been a fan, how and why you started rooting for the Flyers. I will include the story and the text in a blog entry. The best photo and entry wins an 8×10 print of Vee Sanford’s shot against OSU or Jordan Sibert’s shot against Boise. Your choice.

No. 33: Hope

I’m going to let three former Flyers I talked to today (or messaged in the case of Devin Oliver) fill the space for this entry on why UD can win without Dyshawn Pierre (for 10 games or all the games or whatever). Thanks to each of them for their time.

Bucky Bockhorn: “We’ve got pieces we didn’t have last year. I don’t want to say last year was an aberration, but what those kids did was unbelievable. Kids today turn the page. In the old days, if you lost a star player, it was doom. I think these kids will rally.”

Keith Waleskowski: “I think they can win. They proved that last year. It doesn’t really matter what gets thrown at this team. They’re going to find a way to win. Like any good team, this team will rebound and come up with a game plan to work around the situation that comes up. It’s, ‘This is what we have. We’re going to do what we can.’ Expectations aren’t going to change.”

Devin Oliver: ”First and foremost, it’s sad to hear that UD will be competing (at least first 10 games) without Dyshawn. He’s a great player and a close friend of mine. However, after being able to play for Archie for 3 years, I understand what type of coach he is. He’s more than capable of taking what he’s given and making it a good situation. He showed that with last years team. In addition, I’ve become close with Scooch, Kendall and Kyle, and I know them well as players and people. They’re all very confident and very proud players. It’s just another opportunity for them to step forward as leaders and continue to prove themselves, which I’m sure is a challenge they will embrace. I do believe that they won’t only compete but they will continue to be successful early in the season. I was able to play with the guys this summer for a bit and they also have major additions in Charles as well as Steve. Even X, who I got a chance to see this summer as well. They can most definitely have another outstanding season. I wish Dyshawn the best and looking forward to him returning.”

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