53 Reasons: Predictions

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Kendall Pollard shoots against Saginaw on Saturday. David Jablonski/Staff


The 2015-16 college basketball season is just around the corner. In honor of the Flyers winning 53 games the last two seasons (and because I couldn’t come up with 2,015 reasons), I’m counting down 53 reasons (in no particular order) to look forward to the season.
Follow the blog between now and the season opener against Southeast Missouri State on Nov. 13. I will have four to five updates per week.
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No. 3: Predictions

Half the fun of looking forward to the season is trying to predict what will happen in the season. CBS bracketologist Jerry Palm listed the Flyers as one of his “First Four Out” on Monday in his first bracket prediction of the new season, for whatever that’s worth. This Washington Post prediction is more favorable, giving the Flyers a No. 9 seed. NBCSports.com also likes UD. In this prediction, they have a No. 9 seed.

Here’s my best guess. I’m putting this out there not knowing whether Dyshawn Pierre will play. No one knows at this point. Who knows if even Pierre knows? I predict UD will go 22-8 in regular season with a 13-5 mark in the A-10. That’s one win off last year’s regular-season total.

They will not win the A-10 regular-season title, but they will win the A-10 tournament. Three more wins puts them at 25-8. They’ll go 1-1 in the NCAA tournament. Final record: 26-9. That would be a very successful season, especially on the heels of the last two, and the Flyers would return everybody next season, except Pierre, if he plays.

I asked UD fans to send me their best guesses on Tuesday. The winner at the end of the season wins an 8×10 print of my best photo of the season. Tiebreaker is Kendall Pollard’s scoring average. If you tweet me your pick by Friday morning, I’ll add it to this list, and we’ll revisit it at the end of the season.

@BenLanka: Undefeated national champions!

@WWArchieD: Archie goes 39-0 (including National Championship) 18-0 in the A-10, Pollard averages 21. You can mail me the print now.

@keating_drew: 32-7 (16-2) Pollard 14.1.

‏@Charles_James1: 32-6 Final Four 15-3 A10 Champs Pollard 16.9 ArchBaron Cup Champs. #LOWWWWWWWWD.

@ShoweyD: 30-6 (15-3). ULTRA POSITIVE. Pollard 14.1 points per game.

@dmassa5: 30-7 (10-2 Nonconference, 15-3 A-10, 2-1 A-10 Tournament, 3-1 NCAA Tournament) Pollard: 13.7 ppg.

@FLYRFN: 29-7: 10-2 non-con, 14-4 A10, 3-0 A10 tournament champs, lose in Sweet 16. 15.3 ppg for Pollard (his average will dip a bit after 12/20).

@ClevelandRuss: 29-7 (15-3). Pollard 15.3 ppg.

@harryhood21: 29-8, 14-4, 12.8 ppg.

@TylerRLogan: 29-8, 13-5 in the A10. Sweet 16. Pollard averages 12.6.

@agonzo55: 28-9; 9-3 Non Con 14-4 A10. Lose in A10 final. Elite 8. Pollard 12.7 ppg.

@christianharmon: UD finishes 28-8 overall, 14-4 in A-10. Pollard gets 13.2 ppg.

@Grantula7: 28-8 and 15-3. Pollard 13.7.

@BrownsFlyer: 28-8, 14-4 in the A10. Pollard avg. 14.7 pts a game.

@Adam_1224: 28-8, 15-3 in the A10. Pollard puts up 14.7 ppg.

@TheSharkAttack: 28-8, 14-4, Pollard leading scorer, Scoochie team MVP, Kyle Davis 1st team all def. Pierre leads team to sweet 16. Pollard 14.3.

@Dan_Hill13: 27-8, 13-5. 14.3 Ppg.

@courtneydeutsch: 27-8 overall, 14-4 in the A-10. Too many other good players this year, Pollard’s average dips a bit to 11.3 ppg.

@rudykyle: 26-9 making it to round of 32 again. Will go 14-4 in A10 with Big Steve averaging 10/10 a game.

@bradywendeln: 26-9, 14-4

@TomAqui1: UD Men’s team will go 25-5 and 15-3 in the A-10.

@udstephen: 25-8 Overall, 14-4 in the A-10, Pollard’s Average 15.2 ppg.

@Steven_Wright: 24-10 (13-5). Pollard 13.7ppg. A10 tourney finals loss. 1-gm NCAA exit (11-seed). NIT more likely, but I’ll be generous.

@DJNienaber: 24-12; 12-6 A10, Pollard 13.6 Go Flyers!

@RDriesenUD: 23-7 (14-4) in the regular season. 2-1 in the A10 tournament. So, 25-8 overall. Sweet 16.

@CDana1: 23-7 before A10 tournament. 14-4 in conference. Sweet sixteen or bust. (I’m assuming DP comes back in Dec).

@petetho05329631: Dayton will go 23-7.  13-5 A10. 3-1 in NCAA tourney.

@KeithRaad: 19-11, 11-7. Cooke 13.8. A10 2nd Round loss, no NCAAs. I’ll take the over on 10,000+ pictures for you this year.

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