Archie Miller show highlights: Dec. 7


The Dayton student section during the North Florid game. David Jablonski/Staff

Dayton coach Archie Miller talked with WHIO’s Larry Hansgen and answered questions from fans last night at Fricker’s. Here are a few highlights. Click the link to listen to the whole show.

  • The Flyers didn’t do anything on the court the first two days after the Xavier loss. They went hard Wednesday-Friday to get ready for North Florida. The team had really good energy in practice Wednesday and Thursday.
  • On North Florida game: “We were better.” They avoided silly mistakes, rebounded better and got the ball inside where Steve McElvene had an advantage. … “For a big guy, Steve is an extremely hard worker. … You don’t trim your body and do what he did from a physical component if you don’t have a work ethic. Steve’s probably one of our best practice guys.”
  • On North Florida: “Every game I watched them play, they had double-figure leads on the road.” Down 20-13, “we showed a little bit of poise there.” … “Our two-point defense ignited our transition game.”
  • On Charles Cooke: He’s getting to the free-throw line more than anyone. He’s defensive rebounding as a guard, which they need. They’re trying to get him down low on the post because he’s bigger than some guards. On defensive side, he’s bringing an attitude.
  • On freshmen: “They go through different phases. I’ve been really hard on the four true freshmen in the last month and a half. … I know how valuable they are to our team. … All four of our guys can keep getting a lot better. If they do, they’ll keep helping us.”
  • On Vanderbilt’s unique court with benches at the end of the court and elevated court: “This is one of the more interesting places to play. It’s one of the places I’ve never been. … It’s a different feeling. You’re on the baseline. You’re team is a mile away.”
  • On schedule: Miller wanted to stay away from games against teams ranked 200 or below in the RPI.
  • More on Vanderbilt: “They have a philosophy a lot like Davison. They wan tto play with great pace. They have great skill. … They have four or five shooters on the floor at the same time at times. … They return a ton of shooting and have two really big buys. They can hurt you in a lot of ways.”

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