Twitter Reacts: Dayton 72, Vanderbilt 67

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Charles Cooke makes a difficult shot late in second half. David Jablonski/Staff

I rarely get a moment to breathe during a game. My job is a constant flurry of activity, multi-tasking taken to the extreme. I’m taking photographs with two Canons plus my iPhone. I’m filing photos at halftime while starting my game story, which has to be done moments after the game ends for a 9 p.m. game like tonight’s Dayton game at Vanderbilt. So I’m moving back and forth between the floor and the media room. I had the story done by the 8-minute mark except for three paragraphs at the top so I could quickly wrap up whatever happened in the final minutes Wednesday.

I’m sweating by the end, but it’s an awesome job.

I also Tweet, but UD fans do it better than me during the game, and here are the best ones from one of the best victories of the Archie Miller era: Dayton 72, Vanderbilt 67.


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