Twitter Reacts: Best Tweets from Dayton’s winless week

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Bonnies coach Mark Schmidt in the final seconds Saturday. David Jablonski/Staff

A fan wrote me today and shared the thoughts of many fans with four games left in the regular season for the Dayton Flyers.

“Is it just Kendall being out, or is their more to it?” he wrote. “They seem to have lost their concentration and are not nearly as crisp as last year’s 7-man team at this time. Yesterday Pierre was almost nonexistent in the first 10 minutes as far as scoring.  Scooch can’t make key foul shots, Any thoughts on what is going on? I am an eternal optimist but I see them losing out with a disastrous finish, and if they still get in the NCAA, I wonder if they can win. VERY SAD.”

I tried to reassure him by bringing up the fact that the Flyers suffered their worst losses of the past two seasons at the same point in the season: at St. Joseph’s in 2014 and at Duquesne in 2015. That doesn’t mean this team will do what those teams did after those losses, but it shows how quickly things can change from good to bad to good again. Here’s a recap of Dayton’s 0-2 week with the best Tweets of the past week.


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